Jennifer Kaufman

Jennifer Kaufman

Hello beautiful,

My name is Jennifer Kaufman, and I’m a multi-media artist and creator of Stone Angel Studios.

As a practicing jewelry designer for 20 years, I’ve received in-depth education in color theory, gemstones, design elements and divine proportion. Learning about all of these different facets led me to create, regardless of medium, with what turned out to be a very effective system of balance, color, proportion and movement.

My jewelry work developed into a custom jewelry business creating heirloom quality pieces with signature style that reflected the energy of the client who commissioned the work. It wasn’t long before the commissions became small sculptures, furniture pieces and even shopping excursions to find clothing that matched the “feeling” of the custom jewelry my client would to wear to an event.

The personal wardrobe consulting aspect of my work expanded and facilitated the creation of the system I now call Color Wellness. Color Wellness practices establish personal color palettes, body profile and an individuals unique centralized perspective. This information helps my clients apply their personal qualities to present themselves authentically to the world in any of the 12 areas of life..…but since first impressions are everything, I like to start with your clothing and accessories!

I really like making things pretty, and receive great joy from using color, movement and proportion to create beautiful pieces of art as well as educate clients in the type of qualities that represent their authentic individuality.

This work isn’t for the faint of heart. Only walk this way if you are ready for a change and looking for the path of authenticity. If it’s time to learn who you are and how to present yourself to the world, then don’t hold back!

You know you’ re ready to live a beautiful and fulfilled life when you take the first steps on the path to:

Find Thyself, Know Thyself and Be Thyself